E-Learning VS Classroom

E-Learning VS Classroom

E-Learning is a hot topic at the moment, but what are the benefits? After all, classroom training allows you to reach all your staff in one go right?

Whilst the cost of paying for training may not seem excessive the cost of taking employees out of their roles for the day can increase the overall cost of training significantly.

8 reasons to choose ELearning


Elearning enables us to quickly create and communicate new policies, training, ideas, and concepts. ELearning is nimble!


Gone are the worries over finding a venue, capacity, lunches and logistics.

High retention

Studies have shown that blended learning approaches result in a higher knowledge retention rate. It also helps that coursework can be refreshed and updated whenever needed.


An oldie but a goodie! This one is pretty well known, and a result of any well-done E-Learning course. Elearning reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates the need for travel, and removes the need for classroom-based training.


Taking everyone out of the business for a day can be very costly, it can also cause inconvenience to your customers and employees if you need to travel to a different location than your normal place of work.

Are you listening?

Learning of any kind requires your employees to take part and be engaged - but how can you be sure they’ve taken in the information they need? E Learning allows you to track the progress of employees online and see instantly who has passed/needs to retake the assessment. Good news, candidates receive 3 chances to pass - so people don't feel the pressure that sometimes comes with group learning.

Environmentally friendly

Classroom learning requires a lot of materials, E-Learning is all online so no need for paper, printer ink and toner - because no one knows what that is anyway!


E Learning gives employees the freedom to learn at their own pace and convenience when they feel most ready which can make a positive difference to their mindset. Find the E-Learning course that’s right for you and your business today.


I don't have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word, what should I do?

If you don't have Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Word installed on your PC or Mac, don't worry - you can still use our products. You can get a free alternative from Open Office.

Open Office Org is open-source developed alternative to Microsoft Office, developed by a large software company called Oracle. Open Source means the company who build the software, allow 100% use of it, 100% free.

Since Open Office is specifically developed to be exactly the same as Microsoft Office, with all the same programs in the suite (Eg: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point) - it will freely open any Microsoft Office file-format. Meaning, just because a document was written in Microsoft Word, doesn't mean it can't be opened in another program. Open Office will do that, and vise versa.

To download and install Open Office;

  1. Go to www.openoffice.org.
  2. On the left hand side, click 'I want to download Open Office'. In the green box, click the main link which starts with 'Start downloading OpenOffice.org...'
    • Windows Only:When the program has downloaded, click Install and wait for the program to install.
    • MAC OSX Only:When the program has downloaded, a notification box will pop up with an arrow from the Open Office Icon to the Applications Folder in Finder, drag the icon to the Applications folder to install the program.
  3. You are now ready to use Open Office, and the documents you have purchased from us.