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About us

Millie's Trust has been established following the loss of our beautiful daughter Millie in a choking incident at nursery in October 2012. As parents, we believe that first aid should be an essential part of your knowledge whether you are a parent or the carer of a child. We want to help people feel confident about administering first aid if you ever find yourself in a first aid situation. We aim to raise funds to promote Paediatric First Aid awareness and provide courses to those who could not otherwise afford them or know where to look for them.

Millie's Trust Pride of Britain 2015

Who we help

Are you struggling to afford to go on a First Aid Course but you want to learn? Are you a teenager that looks after younger siblings and wants to feel confident if something were to happen under your supervision? We want to help parents, grandparents, friends - anyone that looks after children but cannot afford to fully fund a course. We can try and help you and get you on courses. These courses can cost anything from £55 rising up to £115 per person for a one day awareness course. We as Millie's Trust are getting vastly reduced rates from various first aid providers to be able to assist those who can't afford to go on a course. We can also assist in providing affordable full qualification Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Courses for child carers.

About Millie

Millie Elizabeth Josephine Thompson was our little ray of sunshine born on 12th January 2012 weighing a bouncing 7lb 15oz. Millie made us into a real little family and we loved every minute that we had our baby girl in our lives. Millie never stayed still, she always wanted to move around, she wasn't a baby that like to be nursed at all; she was too nosey and wanted to see everything that was going on. Millie learnt to crawl very early on and was just on the verge of being about to walk when she tragically passed away. Millie's smile was the most precious thing in the world too, she was such a happy baby. She very rarely cried and slept most nights for around 10 hours since she was 13 days old. We definitely had an amazing little girl.

Millie tragically passed away on 23rd Oct. 2012 after a choking incident at nursery.

Beautiful Millie

For more information please visit the Millie's Trust website or make a donation via their JustGiving page