COVID-19 and pregnant employees: a Health & Safety guide for employers

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, a key challenge for employers has been managing the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace, including how best to protect vulnerable groups. But did you know that pregnant employees are considered ‘clinically vulnerable’ to COVID-19?

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to perform a specific risk assessment for a pregnant employee, including extra considerations you need to make to keep them safe from any risk.

In this free guide, our Health & Safety experts explain your duties when it comes to pregnant employees, and what else you need to think about because of coronavirus, including:

  • What your legal obligations are toward pregnant employees
  • Why pregnant people are considered more at risk to COVID-19
  • How to complete a risk assessment for a pregnant employee
  • When to review your risk assessment for a pregnant employee

plus much more! To get started, just enter your details in the form and download your FREE copy.

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