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Asbestos Awareness E-Learning Module

Any building built prior to the year 2000 has a likelihood of having some form of asbestos in it. This could be insulating board, pipe lagging or insulation. The number of asbestos related deaths has risen over the years and asbestos awareness has become a very important matter for both employers and employees. This awareness course has been designed to provide you with information about the history, examples asbestos containing materials and the health hazards related to asbestos. This course does not permit you to handle asbestos but will satisfy the requirements to have regular asbestos awareness training.

The course has a multiple-choice test at the end and successful delegates will get a downloadable certificate to show they have completed and understood the contents of this course.

This course is aimed at;

Workers who are likely to encounter Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) during their work activities.

Workers who work in buildings where asbestos is or may be present.

This course does not include training on the removal of or working with asbestos or ACMs