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Lone Working and Personal Safety E-Learning Module

When a worker is working alone there are additional risks to be considered and adequate controls to be put into place. This course helps you identify the risks and suggests effective control measures and equipment that can be used to ensure their safety.

The course has a multiple-choice test at the end and successful delegates will get a downloadable certificate to show they have completed and understood the contents of this course.

  • What Is Lone Working?
  • What Is The Law Regarding Lone Working?
  • What Are The Potential Risks Facing Lone Workers?
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mobile Phones, Panic Buttons, Personal Alarms
  • Induction Of New Employees/Students
  • Home Visits
  • Conflict Management
  • What Causes Conflict?
  • Signs Of Conflict Emerging
  • Dealing With Conflict
  • Good Communication Is The Key
  • Breakaway Techniques
  • Chatting Stance
  • Open The Curtains
  • Avoiding A Straight Punch
  • Escaping From A Hand Grab
  • Avoiding A Kick