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HS Direct can help you become accredited.

Applying for CHAS accreditation can be an extremely daunting task, or maybe you simply can't find the time to go through the application yourself? With questions about accidents, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Health and Safety policy, training and employee inductions it can all seem like too much work to get that contract. Getting the right help can make the process much easier.

CHAS and similar accreditation schemes are looking for evidence and information to show that you and your organisation is aware of, and acts upon your obligations according to the Health and Safety at work act 1974, and that you are working towards an achievable safety management system, such as HSG 65. That's where HS Direct Ltd can help.

Do you need to get CHAS? HS Direct can help you become accredited

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What is on offer?

How can HS Direct help me?

We provide the service you require to ensure your Health & Safety is fully up to date, and can help with your CHAS application. We can provide you with the right tools, paperwork and training to enable you to make a successful application. For companies with under 5 employees the application can be quite simple, with costs being extremely low. For the over 5 employees company we provide an all in service which caters for the exact needs of larger firms. This includes a full safety policy review, training review and recommendations, on site audit and full competent external advice. We can even provide all of the manpower required so that you have the minimal involvement in the application process.


What is included?

Included in our service for an application for a company with less than 5 employees:

  • Assistance completing your CHAS application form
  • We will assist you to collate all the required evidence for a successful application
  • Where you do not have the appropriate systems in place we will assist you in putting this into place using our Safety First Package
  • Our consultants will advise you what training you should carry out to ensure your Health and Safety knowledge is kept up to date

For companies with 5 or more employees we quote an individual price based upon the information you already have for your organisation, this will help you to keep costs to a minimum, and ensure that paperwork and training are not duplicated.

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