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Good service well covered all main ares of risk regarding Health & Safety issues.


very informative, Rod was great and it very simple.

sean rooney

Ainsley had the patience of a saint. For those of you out there that are a little old school and not very computer literate, you will find in HS Direct the most comprehensive help available. Even when extremely frustrated, Ainsley and the team smoothed the application over. I wish all companies were this helpful! Karl Lichfield Spires Development


Spencer was very good explaining all the benefits and contents of the package.

Creative Renovation Ltd
Ed Davis

James was very professional and knowledgeable regarding Health & Safety.

F Stillwell & Sons Ltd
Kevin Stillwell

After making an online purchase I was called by James Scott to ensure happy with product and was given lots of helpful advice and recommendations. Fantastic customer service and will definitely use HS direct in the future

Northway Auto Services
Natalie Williams

Really helpful. would highly recommend

Advanced uk painting and decorating ltd
Ryan Thornley

I was amazed to get your phone call and thank you so much, really appreciated it Thanks

Newcodent Limited
Siggi Jokumsen

Lewis listened to what was in place already within the company and took me through elements of the package that we had not yet managed to put in place. It was helpful and informative. It was not a 'pressure' sell and with the promise guarantee it is something I am looking at as we speak.

Partington's Holiday Centres
Steven Standaloft

Your company's representative was very helpful and knowledgeable of my query.

tigris associates ltd
ali shumary

Jess was outstanding on the phone ,I wish everybody I dealt with was as competent as Jess .Answered all my questions .

jetstream draincleaning limited
justin cardy

Gentleman that I spoke to was extremely helpful and informative in a "non-sales" manner and therefore should the need arise, I would be more than happy to contact him again.

National Masonry Ltd
Janet Littlewood

Danielle was brilliant on the phone helpfull loads of info will hope to sign up very soon

Sheppey contractors limited
Dean lee

Shaun was very informative, took time to explain the package and the extra support and had a great sense of humour!

Dorma Construction Bridgend Ltd
Delia Domachowski

Shaun was very informative, took time to explain the package and the extra support and had a great sense of humour!

Dorma Construction Bridgend Ltd
Delia Domachowski

The demonstration was clear and informative, I really like the product - it was a good use of my time.

Jupiter Scaffolding Ltd
Kischa Powell

very helpful and not pushy sales


Clear, concise, advice and presentation

Kirk & Bills
Lee Button

The downloads were just what we required for the work which we have planned.

Clive Nicholson Ltd
Clive Nicholson

Excellent service from Abby. 2 new accounts set up within 48hrs and working well. Thank you

Corporate & Public Safety
john Rodway

This company provide a variety of software solutions idea for a small company finding its feet in the maze of health and safety and employment legistlations. Roger has always helped me and been very helpful and informative. He provides an excellent standard of customer service and with a team of Health and Safety and employment advisors behind him this product is great value.

Graham Halpenny Decorators Ltd
Belinda Halpenny

Very helpful explanation of services available, reasonable cost and not pushy

Greens Building Contractors
Peter Green

very good presentation, Software looks well thought out.

ilec-imec building services
stewart evans

Very informative and helpful on our existing supplier and what training you can offer us as a company. Great service.

Timkon Services Ltd
Lisa Davis

Very friendly, helpful and pleasure to speak with.

Property Heatcare Limited
Patricia Raffo

Fab customer service 🙂🙂🙂

Mella services
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I don't have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word, what should I do?

If you don't have Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Word installed on your PC or Mac, don't worry - you can still use our products. You can get a free alternative from Open Office.

Open Office Org is open-source developed alternative to Microsoft Office, developed by a large software company called Oracle. Open Source means the company who build the software, allow 100% use of it, 100% free.

Since Open Office is specifically developed to be exactly the same as Microsoft Office, with all the same programs in the suite (Eg: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point) - it will freely open any Microsoft Office file-format. Meaning, just because a document was written in Microsoft Word, doesn't mean it can't be opened in another program. Open Office will do that, and vise versa.

To download and install Open Office;

  1. Go to www.openoffice.org.
  2. On the left hand side, click 'I want to download Open Office'. In the green box, click the main link which starts with 'Start downloading OpenOffice.org...'
    • Windows Only:When the program has downloaded, click Install and wait for the program to install.
    • MAC OSX Only:When the program has downloaded, a notification box will pop up with an arrow from the Open Office Icon to the Applications Folder in Finder, drag the icon to the Applications folder to install the program.
  3. You are now ready to use Open Office, and the documents you have purchased from us.