Current average rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Total number of reviews: 4160

A pleasant conversation with someone that oozed personality, made a change from the generally pretty miserable bunch of cold callers 5/5

matrix home cinema
Mario Nicholas

Mark delivered the training for us and he was amazing. I would like to let you know how much we have enjoyed his training. Great person with great personality. Thank you! Kind regards, Ekaterine K&K Polishing

K&K Polishing Limited

Found the person on phone very easy to talk to, not too pushy and understanding

Mitchell cleaning
P Mitchell

Found the person on phone very easy to talk to, not too pushy and understanding

Mitchell cleaning
P Mitchell

You responded promptly to my urgent request yesterday. Thank you

Encompassed Limited
Tony Sprague

This is an excellent company. I have a small business that is growing. All the staff there in all departments have been so helpful passing on all of there knowledge all of the time. I would thoroughly recommend this company for all of your business needs.

Rachael Hunt

Fantastic service 100% recommend

AA Sewercare Ltd
Jason Broadbent

Everything clearly explained and more importantly, exactly what I was looking for

Kadan Construction Limited
Peter Mackarell

We are answering a tender which asked for a "Method Statement". We were unsure what they were after until we read your site and the free documentation. It allowed us to craft an answer - so thank you. Next time we might need to use your full consulting services. Thanks again.

Cameron Clark

informed plainly about what is on offer and why i need it without excessive pressure to purchase

Mo McGonnell

The information we found was really helpful do to a busy schedule , we also liked the follow up phone call the next day.

KTS Building Services Ltd
Kosta Sgouraditis

Charlotte has been very efficient


I spoke to a representative who understands the financial position of a sole trader and was not trying to 'hard sell' a product but was very understanding and seemed genuinely interested in moving my business forward.

Millward Electrical
Dennis Millward

Roger was very thorough throughout the demonstration, he was very friendly and showed the system to its full potential. I am very impressed with the system and would like to move forward with it, but will have to get this approved by management.

Singleton & Smart Ltd
Mark Cowell

I received really clear, good advice from both Clare and Roger. They were very friendly and easy to talk with. I really feel that I have a much better understanding of what our company needs in terms of employment for now and the future.

Howells Bradford Ltd
Loretta Bradford

Once again, all the info I needed. Very helpful and friendly, thanks again.

Meridian Commercial
Michelle Rowe

Excellent service and as always a very helpful visit.

Armour Contracts Ltd
Allen Broad

From the initial call I have received no less than 100% service. I'm a new business and really needed solid advice on where my business needed to be. There was no hard sell,just facts on what your business needs to grow and be compliant. My first contact was with a guy called Rod Marsh and the help he gave me was second to none. Thanks again Rod,you went that extra mile and now I have full confidence in all my Health and Safety for future client's.

Wilson Painting &Decorating
Adrian Wilson



We needed help to customise documents and has a list of questions that were answered one by. Time taken was not a problem to them and quite difficult asks out of the norm were dealt with patiently and thoroughly, we were impressed and delighted we could now produce the professional docs we needed.

Amsco Fire Ltd
Kaj Haines

Always very helpful, efficient, professional and easy to talk to.

Limb to Limb Tree Services Limited
Sonya Dawson

Understanding of the situation with us being a very small company

Shaw (Lancs) Tool Co 2007 Ltd
Steve Wright

Excellent service; our enquiry was handled efficiently with all questions knowledgeably answered

Stour Lifts Limited
Mark Buontempo

Friendly, informative and very helpful advice given to us on HR issues that have helped us deal with them in a professional correct manner.

amsco fire ltd
kaj haines

Courteous and informative, not pushy


Informative and knowledgeable and friendly.

Palm Building
Louise Pout
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I don't have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word, what should I do?

If you don't have Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Word installed on your PC or Mac, don't worry - you can still use our products. You can get a free alternative from Open Office.

Open Office Org is open-source developed alternative to Microsoft Office, developed by a large software company called Oracle. Open Source means the company who build the software, allow 100% use of it, 100% free.

Since Open Office is specifically developed to be exactly the same as Microsoft Office, with all the same programs in the suite (Eg: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point) - it will freely open any Microsoft Office file-format. Meaning, just because a document was written in Microsoft Word, doesn't mean it can't be opened in another program. Open Office will do that, and vise versa.

To download and install Open Office;

  1. Go to www.openoffice.org.
  2. On the left hand side, click 'I want to download Open Office'. In the green box, click the main link which starts with 'Start downloading OpenOffice.org...'
    • Windows Only:When the program has downloaded, click Install and wait for the program to install.
    • MAC OSX Only:When the program has downloaded, a notification box will pop up with an arrow from the Open Office Icon to the Applications Folder in Finder, drag the icon to the Applications folder to install the program.
  3. You are now ready to use Open Office, and the documents you have purchased from us.