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Current average rating: 4.8 / 5.0

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Daniel carefully listened to my queries and quickly provided me with the required information, excellent service.

AMH Shopfitting Limited
Neil Rosser

Excellent delivery and engaged staff throughout


The representative was interested in us as a company, our existing arrangements and how we could improve our system and HS compliance.

The Alternative Pallet Co Ltd
Cheryl Holdsworth

Very informative, willing to help with small ( one man band)

Micmec Engineering
Mick leech

Really helpful and thorough. Always trying to improve the way the company carries out its Health and safety management and compliance.

Lift and Shift Services Ltd
Lee Soper

Danielle is very helpful and always sorts any issues I am having very promptly

K&M Maintenance Services
Mira Moore

Holly was an absolute delight this morning, not only are you offering a great service but her chirpy voice has made my morning

Star Developments
Joe Walsh

Helpful, informative and clear. Thanks Jacob!

Hawksmoor Construction Services
Calum Cunningham

All the information we required was provided asap

TNA Building Services
Paul Budgen

Really helpful and thorough. Always trying to improve the way the company carries out its Health and safety management and compliance.

Lift and Shift Services Ltd
Lee Soper

Everything was responded to quickly got answer & Professionally discussed the requirement would recommend HS Direct to my Clients

Peter Martin

Very helpful no pressure to sign up and good product

Make Good Construction ltd
dean baker

Every aspect of there package was explained and through a live online demonstration with full comprehensive answer to any queries I had.

Chris King Roofing Limited
chris King

very helpful and precise information given

Scope Cleaning Services Ltd
Steve Copeland

Exceptional phone manner and friendly professional staff Chloe was very very good

Jonathan Mills Building Services
Jonathan Mills

Rodney literally made everything so simple and even though he went through everything in absolute detail, he wasn't like most phone callers making me sleep after a few minutes. The service and products I've received are first class and would happily recommend to anyone. I wouldn't have gone with the added training packages for staff if it wasn't for his customer service. Danny Deacon Industrial Roof Coatings Ltd MD

industrial roof coatings ltd
danny deacon

Good honest to the point information

WDL utilities
Simon Jeffery

My question was answered instantly and I received the document that I requested

Wifigear Ltd t/a DigitalAir Wireless
Steven Vernon

you answered my questions quickly and efficiently

BLH Electrical Ltd

professional, concise, and very business like


Always good service and advice from Naomi.

Ron Law Central Heating
Anthony Butterworth

Dave price is a pleasure to deal with and ran through the H&S online system explaining everything simply and methodically. Thanks.

James Lucas Building & Roofing Services Ltd
James Lucas

Knowledgeable professional advice.

Clyde Property Management
Gordon Hart

Second to none service got my RAMS sorted with in hours


You listen to what we require and advise what would be suitable and dont try and sell us something ae dont need

j thomson ltd
james thomson

All our health and safety is now covered, software is comphrehensive but easily navigatable, depth of information is fantastic. Ryan and Mark - Thanks

Purbeck supported living ltd
John Hughes
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I don't have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word, what should I do?

If you don't have Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Word installed on your PC or Mac, don't worry - you can still use our products. You can get a free alternative from Open Office.

Open Office Org is open-source developed alternative to Microsoft Office, developed by a large software company called Oracle. Open Source means the company who build the software, allow 100% use of it, 100% free.

Since Open Office is specifically developed to be exactly the same as Microsoft Office, with all the same programs in the suite (Eg: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point) - it will freely open any Microsoft Office file-format. Meaning, just because a document was written in Microsoft Word, doesn't mean it can't be opened in another program. Open Office will do that, and vise versa.

To download and install Open Office;

  1. Go to
  2. On the left hand side, click 'I want to download Open Office'. In the green box, click the main link which starts with 'Start downloading'
    • Windows Only:When the program has downloaded, click Install and wait for the program to install.
    • MAC OSX Only:When the program has downloaded, a notification box will pop up with an arrow from the Open Office Icon to the Applications Folder in Finder, drag the icon to the Applications folder to install the program.
  3. You are now ready to use Open Office, and the documents you have purchased from us.