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Download example Brick Dust (Silica) COSHH Assessment Template

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Brick Dust COSHH Assessment (Silica)

Our Brick Dust COSHH Assessment (Silica) has been written by IOSH and NEBOSH qualified Safety Professionals. The document is delivered instantly to your email address ready for you to download and start editing straight away. The template should be changed to suit the exact product you are using, in the way you will use it.

Silica dust risks you need to be aware of 

Brick dust (or Silica dust) is a hazardous substance that can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Some of the most common risks associated with Silica Dust are:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Eye irritation 
  • Skin irritation 
  • Increased risk of illness including autoimmune disease, damage to internal organs and tuberculosis

How to reduce Silica dust risks 

To protect yourself and your workers from Silica dust, it’s important to use PPE (respiratory protection equipment, gloves etc.), follow safe working practices and conduct a thorough silica dust risk assessment. 

What’s covered in this Silica Dust COSHH Assessment

COSHH Silica Dust Assessments are comprehensive, and are about 3 pages long, with space for your company details and logo. Our COSHH Brick Dust and silica Assessments include the MSDS which was used to write them. We include telephone support with all of our documents, please call us for assistance.

When conducting a silica dust COSHH assessment it’s important to look at the following areas for any silica dust hazards:

  • Dust exposure rate / Dust Risk
  • Health risks associated with dust (IE. lung disease)
  • Control measures 
  • On site ventilation
  • Dehacking

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