Become Constructionline accredited

What is Constructionline?

Constructionline is used by the construction industry throughout the UK. The database is accessed by over 2000 organisations including central government, local authorities & main contractors all of which require you to be accredited before beginning the tender process.

Constructionline helps both parties bypass common typical problems associated with the tender process, saving everyone time, money and hassle in the process. At HS Direct we specialise in getting our clients Constructionline accredited to help them drive more business.

There are 3 Levels of Accreditation available to you – including Associate (Entry Level), Silver (level 2), Gold (level 3) and Platinum (level 4).

How can Constructionline help your business grow?

  • Constructionline is used by many larger companies and contractors including The NHS Trust, Councils and Large Enterprises.
  • Over 8,000 procurement professionals and 2,500 buying organisations use the Constructionline database to source their contractors and consultants.
  • Be part of the Constructionline database to promote your business and gain new work opportunities.
  • Improves your business's image and allows you to win work that you otherwise would not have been able to.
  • Your business will be recognised as aligning with government and industry standards, making you a more viable choice when tendering against those that don't hold an accreditation.
  • Helps to reduce the time-consuming process of tendering for new work. Reducing overall Administration time, saving you money.
  • Affiliates your business with the Construction Industry Council (CIC).
  • Free regional and national 'Meet the Buyers' events, giving you a chance to meet and network with the key decision-makers for the larger firms.
  • Join 23,000 + other UK businesses who are registered with Constructionline.

What does Constructionline assess?

Constructionline looks at a range of aspects of your business from financials, to operational processes, i.e. Health & Safety. It looks at compliance issues, which apply to the work you undertake. The Constructionline questionnaire will only ask for information that is relevant to your business, e.g. be it contractors, consultants, suppliers, manufacturers etc.

What Do You Need to Apply for Constructionline?

Constructionline doesn't just assess your health & safety; it also looks at finances, training etc. So, some of the bits you will need include:

  • Set of accounts (audited if you have over 5 employees)
  • A VAT certificate (if you're VAT registered)
  • CV of employment history, if you don't have proof of training - include partners if you're a partnership
  • Insurance certificates
  • 2 trade references
  • Health & Safety Policy (up to date, signed by the MD & filled in correctly)

These are only a few elements needed – our team of Constructionline specialists can talk you through the full criteria of documentation that are required as part of the accreditation process.

What does Constructionline accreditation Cost?

Constructionline has a joining fee, then a subsequent annual fee. We also charge a set fee for supporting you to gain your accreditation. 

How can HS Direct help?

If you’re looking to gain Constructionline accreditation, the team at HS Direct can help. 

We can take the strain and hassle away for you by managing your Constructionline application or upgrading your current accreditation for you. We are also experience in managing client upgrades to Constructionline Gold.

Simply complete the contact form and will be in touch with you to arrange free assessment of your business and accreditations to see which Constructionline level is best for you and how we can work with you to manage the process.