Free Method Statement Template

Would your business benefit from a free method statement template?

As a business with five or more employees, you’re legally required to have an up-to-date risk assessment in place under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – meaning you should also have a sound method statement that shows how you plan to reduce the risks identified in your risk assessment.

Smaller businesses with less than five employees may choose to carry out risk assessments and complete method statements if the work they carry out is of higher risk – such as working in construction, for example.  

Method statements will be written by a ‘Competent Person’ within your business and once the statement is written, it’ll need to be shared with all the relevant teams. It’s important that your method statement is easy to read and there’s no room for misinterpretation.

After all, without a legally sound and easy-to-follow method statement, how can you be sure that your business has got the right control measures in place to keep your people and business safe?

To help your Competent Person properly manage your workplace risks and their control procedures, we’ve put together this free Method Statement Template, which includes:

  • All the possible workplace hazards that apply to your business
  • The control procedures you need to have in place for every possible scenario
  • A step-by-step process, to be completed by your Competent Person, so people can continue working safely and compliantly

To download your FREE Method Statement Template, just fill out your details in the form opposite.

For more information on method statements and when they are required, we have created a complete guide to method statements, so you know exactly what is needed and some of the best practices. We also have more specific method statements which you can view on our method statement templates page.

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