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Subcontractor Health and Safety Assessment Template

It is very likely that your organisation will need to use a contractor to carry out work. Our subcontractor Health and Safety assessment template is designed to provide all the information for them to carry out the required task safely and effectively. 

The importance of a Health and Safety assessment template for subcontractors

Contractors often work in workplaces with hazards that are unfamiliar to them which can include exposure to chemicals, asbestos, lead, and noisy or hot/cold conditions. 

Employees of the contracting organisation, or its client, may be at risk from the activities of a contractor, as could members of the public. Making sure all subcontractors go through a health & safety assessment will help you to give them some top-line information on how to reduce risks. 

Organisations that engage contractors and sub-contractors are responsible under Health and Safety Law to protect them from harm caused by company work activities. Similarly, contractors and sub-contractors must cooperate with the client and each other to ensure they do not do anything that puts themselves or others at risk. 

What is included in a subcontractor Health and Safety assessment template?

Below, we’ve included all the main features you’ll find in your subcontractor Health and Safety assessment template. 

  • Details about the company 
  • Health and Safety policy 
  • The involvement of your workforce 
  • Accident reporting details 
  • Any risk assessment details 
  • Site safety information 
  • Details on welfare and health

How to use your subcontractor Health and Safety assessment template

It’s quick and simple to use – simply purchase your template and we’ll deliver it to your email address instantly for you to use straightaway. We’ve made sure the format is flexible and easy to tailor to your requirements.

Get the best advice about your subcontractor health and safety assessment template

This subcontractor Health and Safety assessment template will assist you in ensuring any contractors you are using, are working in line with Health & Safety Law. 

It is not a legal requirement to complete a subcontractor Health and Safety assessment template if you are using subcontractors at any point. The Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) has special legal status and gives practical advice to all those involved in construction work. If you follow the advice in the ACoP you will be doing enough to comply with the law in respect of those specific matters on which it gives advice.

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