Free Risk Assessment Template

What is a Risk Assessment?

Every company has a legal responsibility to make sure their workplace is safe for employees, contractors, and members of the public. An important consideration for businesses in any industry, Risk Assessments are used to identify, monitor, and review the dangers in a working environment.


Once you’ve planned a Risk Assessment and carried it out, you should document any changes required to prevent these potential hazards from causing harm and of course take the necessary remedial action. As well as a crucial practice for safeguarding, Risk Assessments also function as an opportunity to add further safety measures based on findings and outcomes. Our free template can help you cover every aspect of the Risk Assessment process.


Our free Risk Assessment template allows you to:

  • Identify the significant hazards that are present (a hazard is something that has the potential to cause someone harm or ill health).
  • Consider if what you have already done reduces the risk of someone being harmed to an acceptable level, and if not;
  • Consider what further control measures you must take to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


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