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COSHH Assessment Templates

MDF COSHH Risk Assessment

Wood dust is one of the areas in that employers have a responsibility to protect their workforce and the public from under the COSHH regulations. To help guide you through the process, we have created this MDF Dust COSHH Assessment template.

This Wood Dust COSHH Assessment has been written by IOSH and NEBOSH qualified Safety Professionals and is delivered instantly to your email address ready for you to download and start editing straight away. The template should be changed to suit the exact product you are using, in the way you will use it.

Why is an MDF COSHH risk assessment so important?

As an employer, you are dutybound to ensure that your workforce and the public are protected under the COSHH regulations. There are multiple woodworking materials that fall under COSHH, including:

  • Hardwood dust
  • Softwood dust
  • MDF
  • Timber laminates
  • Hardboard
  • Plywood

If you run a business where woodworking or the use of wood is commonplace, then the chances of exposure to wood dust for your employees will be increased. This is where the MDF COSHH risk assessment is so beneficial. It helps you to understand the employer requirements to put into practice a suitable MDF COSHH risk assessment outlining all the risks your employees are exposed to.

Like all of our COSHH Assessments, this template is comprehensive, about 3 pages long, with space for your company details and logo and includes the MSDS which was used to write them. We also include telephone support with all of our documents, call us on the number above for assistance.

What is contained within the MDF COSHH risk assessment?

This three-page documented template contains all the information you need to modify your risk assessment, making it site specific for your needs. It includes information on:

  • Safety and Hazard Statements
  • PPE
  • First Aid
  • Injury
  • Advice for treatment
  • Substance details
  • Controls and measures

What is wood dust?

Wood dust is created when individuals are operating machinery to shape or cut wood. When inhaled, it is then deposited through the nose, throat and airways. Affected industries include:

  • Sander operators
  • Press operators for wood products
  • Timber merchants

Exposure to wood dust can lead to health problems such as dermatitis, cancer of the sinuses, asthma or other respiratory allergies.

How HS Direct can help your business

We understand keeping your employees and visitors to your workplace safe from harm is a top priority for your business, but it can be difficult to know how to implement all the exact requirements of the MDF COSHH risk assessment. That’s why our handy COSHH assessment for MDF can help you stay on track and make all the necessary implementations correctly and safely.

Like all of our COSHH Assessment Templates, this template is a comprehensive document, with space for your company details and logo and includes the MSDS which was used to write them. We also include telephone support with all of our documents, so you can contact us to speak to one of our COSHH experts for any further guidance you may need.

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How HS Direct can help you manage Health and Safety

We have a range of helpful services to help you manage Health and Safety compliance effectively. From guidance on how to fill in risk assessments to method statements, we can help with compliance documentation of all types, thanks to the assistance of our expert specialist Health and Safety consultants.

We’ve helped thousands of clients meet COSHH compliance standards, offering an extensive range of templates, guidance, and expert advice, so they can focus on growing their business – and you could be next!

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