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Download example Diesel Fuel COSHH Assessment Template

COSHH Assessment Templates

Diesel COSHH assessment

The handling of diesel involves many risks and under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH), diesel must be controlled and regulated by employers. To help assist you, we’ve created this COSHH assessment for Diesel – a handy template which specifies everything you need to think about to manage associated risks correctly.

What’s included in a COSHH assessment for diesel?

This Diesel COSHH Assessment template has been written by IOSH and NEBOSH qualified Safety Professionals. It provides an extensive range of important factors to consider when assessing hazards associated with Diesel. 

The diesel COSHH risk assessment template outlines the following areas to consider: 

  • Identifying any persons at risk
  • Classifying the danger posed by any hazards (E.g. – any harmful substances, are they corrosive, are they dangerous for the environment etc.)
  • The type of hazard (E.g. Gas, Dust, Liquid)
  • What is the route of exposure? 
  • What is the workplace exposure level? 
  • Are there any associated health risks from the identified hazards? 
  • What control measures should be taken to limit risk? 
  • What type of PPE is required? 
  • A set of first aid measures to address each type of route exposure
  • How should the substance be disposed of? 
  • What is the risk rating level?

When is a Diesel COSHH assessment required?

 If your employees are responsible for handling diesel as part of their working duties, then you will need to carry out a diesel fuel COSHH assessment. This can include industries such as the motor trade or engineering sector. 

Our template is designed so it can be easily modified, enabling you to adapt the assessment to reflect the type of work that you and your employees carry out. 

Speak to our experts for COSHH assessment advice

Like all of our COSHH Assessments, we have created a comprehensive document that includes space for your company details and logo. It also includes the material data safety sheet (MSDS) which was used to write them. 

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If you’d like a little more guidance, then you’re in the right place! Check out our free resource on the five steps to completing a COSHH assessment