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Download example Unleaded Petrol COSHH Assessment Template

COSHH Assessment Templates

Unleaded Petrol COSHH Assessment

A Petrol COSHH assessment is required if you work in an environment where petrol is prevalent. To make your task much easier, we’ve consulted our COSHH experts to provide this handy Unleaded petrol COSHH assessment template that highlights the risks and hazards associated with working with petrol. 

Why is an Unleaded Petrol COSHH assessment important?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Act (COSHH) outlines identifying and evaluating the risks of substances that are associated with working, handling and dispensing petrol. If you are an employer who employs people to work and operate equipment at a petrol station, then you are legally responsible to undertake a COSHH assessment for petrol.

COSHH assessment for petrol requirements

Outlined in the COSHH petrol assessment are a number of criteria that must be adhered to remain compliant with the COSHH regulations. These include: 

  • Identification of hazards.
  • Identifying who is at risk and how.
  • Regular petrol COSHH assessment reviews, documenting any changes or recommendations as a result of changing circumstances.
  • Thorough risk evaluation and removing or minimising the associated risks.
  • Recording findings and implementing adequate training to enhance procedures and knowledge.

What areas are covered in the Petrol COSHH Assessment

Like all of our COSHH assessments, this comprehensive three-page guide offers plenty of space for you to include your company details and logo.  

Our petrol COSHH assessment contains information for the following areas, designed to help you keep track of all the important items to ensure you remain compliant: 

  • Substance properties
  • Different exposure types
  • PPE requirements
  • Spillage arrangements 
  • First Aid safety
  • General precautions

The template also includes the MSDS which was used to write them. We also include personalised telephone support with all of our documents, so you can receive the best expert guidance and advice should you need it. Simply call us on the number above for assistance, or you can contact us online by sending a query form and we’ll get back to you with all the information you need. 

How HS Direct can help your business 

Keeping your employees and visitors safe is a top priority for business owners, and we understand just how important this is for your business. But, we also get it can be challenging to try to remain focused on growing your business and knowing exactly what to implement to stay compliant with COSHH regulations. That’s where our petrol COSHH assessment comes in handy, helping you to stay on track and make all the necessary implementations correctly and safely.

More great resources to help your business stay compliant

We also have a free COSHH assessment template to help keep you on the right track to meet compliance with COSHH. Check out the link above and download your free template today! 

How HS Direct can help you manage Health and Safety

We have a range of helpful services to help you manage Health and Safety compliance effectively. From guidance on how to fill in risk assessments to method statements, we can help with compliance documentation of all types, thanks to the assistance of our expert specialist HR and Health and Safety consultants. 

We help businesses of all types and sizes with our bespoke tailored approach, with years of experience amassed by our wonderful team. If you need help with anything related to Health and Safety compliance, then check out our additional services page