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Risk Assessment Templates

Plumbing Risk Assessment

This Plumbing Risk Assessment template is specifically tailored to plumbing in relation to water works and projects. This risk assessment deals with general basic plumbing and the risks associated with this area of work.

Risks associated with plumbing work 

There most common risks associated with plumbing work include:

  • Physical injury 
  • Electrical hazards
  • Contamination 
  • Gas leaks
  • Structural damage 
  • Exposure to asbestos 

How to reduce plumbing risks 

As a plumber, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures to keep yourself and others safe. Some ways to reduce plumbing risks include:

  • Wear protective gear 
  • Use the correct tools and equipment 
  • Ensure that water is turned off when conducting the work 
  • Conduct a thorough plumbing risk assessment 

What’s included in the Plumbing Risk Assessment Template

Like all of our risk assessment templates, this plumbing document. This plumbing Risk Assessment Template has been written by IOSH and NEBOSH qualified Safety Professionals and is delivered instantly to your email address ready for you to download and start editing straight away. The template should be changed to suit the exact works you are carrying out. Our Plumbing Risk Assessment Template includes:

  • Hot work 
  • Plumbing hazards and risks
  • Pipe connections
  • Pipework risk assessment
  • Central heating (water boilers / combi boilers)
  • Plumbing control measures

It is designed for water work so you can carry out plumbing safely, see our separate assessment for gas plumbing works.

You’ll find that appropriate hazards and control procedures for a typical plumbing job are included in the risk assessment you are going to purchase. We also include telephone support with all of our documents, call us for assistance.

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