Free COSHH Assessment Template

Our free COSHH assessment template has been designed to help you identify and manage the risks involved with using certain products and help you put control measures in place to keep anyone in the working environment safe.

Our Free COSHH Risk Assessment Template:

HS Direct’s free COSHH assessment template is a powerful tool designed to streamline your risk management process. It covers essential areas such as:

Identifying Hazardous Substances: Our free COSHH assessment template guides you and your employees through the process of identifying specific substances that create potential health and safety risks.  

Risk Assessment: We provide a structured framework to evaluate the severity of potential harm within the workplace. This allows you to prioritise any control measures that need to be set up.  

Control Measures: Our COSHH risk assessment template helps you develop and implement appropriate control measures to mitigate potential risks. Examples include PPE,  engineering controls and safe work practices. 

Monitoring and Review: We emphasise the monitoring and reviewing of your control measures and recommend that this template is used regularly. 

The benefits of using our free COSHH assessment template

By utilising our COSHH assessment form, you’ll be able to confidently complete an audit and manage risks associated with hazardous substances quickly and efficiently. This means you’ll protect your employees, protect yourself from liability and meet regulatory requirements.

There’s no need to spend hours creating a new document from scratch either, as our COSHH risk assessment template has all the necessary information you need to record your findings, the hazardous substances used on site, and any existing control measures in a clear, easy-to-read format. 

Download the free COSHH assessment template today and take the first steps to a safer working environment. 

Understanding COSHH Assessments

A COSHH assessment is a systematic process that identifies potentially hazardous substances and evaluates the risks associated with their use. It is a crucial resource in ensuring workplace safety and adhering to regulations.

The importance of mitigating risks

Both employee and employer being exposed to hazardous substances might have serious repercussions regarding their health. You can proactively identify potential risks and apply suitable control measures by completing a COSHH assessment using our free template. This not only protects the well-being of your workers but also assists you in meeting legal duties.

How often should a COSHH assessment be reviewed?

Depending on an organisation’s structure or risk profile, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that your COSHH risk assessment is reviewed on an annual basis. But if there are any significant changes to the substances or equipment being used, staff, processes, or an incident has occurred, then it should be reviewed immediately to ensure current measures are still effective. 

Why HS Direct?

Since 2004 we’ve been helping over 7200 clients with their HR and health and safety headaches. We’re professionals when it comes to high-quality health and safety documentation.

To download your free COSHH assessment template, simply fill out your details in the form opposite and we’ll deliver it straight to your inbox!

We also offer specific COSHH risk assessments, tailored to working with certain chemicals or substances that could be hazardous to health.

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