Tendering: Common Mistakes and Must-knows For SMEs

Do you primarily complete domestic and residential work but have ambitions to win more commercial contracts?

If you’ve tendered for work before but not seen the success you’d hoped for, or you’ve had some success and are now looking to go after bigger contracts, our free guide contains top tips on how to win more business.

With many tender deadlines fast approaching and new opportunities on the horizon, now is the time to get set for success!

Specifically written for small business owners, our free guide covers:

  • Common mistakes within the tendering process
  • Specific considerations and tips for SMEs
  • How to write stand-out applications

Highly recommended for business owners and directors, the free resource is ideal for those wanting to fast-track their growth.

Simply leave your details on the form on this page and you’ll receive our free guide direct to your inbox, containing tendering top tips and must-knows.

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