How to keep young workers safe and healthy

Whether through apprenticeships, work experience or other circumstances, you might’ve found yourself in the position of hiring people under 18 at your business.

While your Health & Safety responsibilities don’t differ for younger people, it’s important that you bear in mind any extra considerations they may require. Young workers may have very little practical experience compared to those who’ve been in the trade for a number of years, so they might not be as attuned to hazards and risks as their elder colleagues.

That certainly doesn’t mean they need to be mollycoddled though. It’s just about ensuring they’re fully aware of their surroundings, the safest way to do the task they’re assigned, and how to best protect themselves and those around them.

From risk assessments and training and supervision to consent and insurance, this free guide contains everything you need to know to keep young people involved in your business safe and healthy.

To further support keeping your young workers safe, take a look at our completed Young Persons Risk Assessment template.

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