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Key questions we can discuss with you include:

    • My employee is self-isolating – can I furlough them?
    • I have work available but my employee refuses to work, what do I pay them?
    • I’m a single person Limited Company and take a PAYE salary, can I furlough myself?
    • Can I partially furlough an employee?
    • What about holidays an employee has booked when furloughed?
    • My employee resigned but has asked to be taken on and be furloughed, do I have to?

Please feel free to use our free Lone worker template.

Please note this Homeworking Policy is drafted to provide general guidance, rules and provision for home working on a permanent or ad-hoc basis. It can be used without editing but should be reviewed to ensure it is in accord with your operations and procedures.If you require any guidance on this policy please contact us on the number above.

The Coronavirus (also referred to as Covid-19) has dominated news headlines for the past few weeks. It’s infected thousands of Chinese citizens and has spread to most countries around the globe – with no sign of slowing, we’re looking at simple things you can do to help minimise the risks…