Construction can be a pretty dangerous industry – in fact, out of the 135 workers killed in work-related accidents in 2022/23, 45 of them happened in construction. So, you must be managing and mitigating risks properly. And part of that is having a construction method statement. This blog will explore just how important method statements in construction are to ensure work takes place safely and properly.

What do construction method statements contain?

A construction method statement typically includes:

  • Project overview – a brief description of the project’s objectives and scope.
  • Work sequencing – the chronological order of tasks and activities. 
  • Risk assessments – identification and evaluation of potential hazards.
  • Safety measures – protocols and procedures to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Materials and equipment – listing the necessary resources for the project.
  • Emergency procedures – detailed plans for responding to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Roles and responsibilities – clearly defined duties for each team member.

Writing your method statement for construction

When putting together your method statement, you should consider the following:

  • The scope of the project – defining the project’s boundaries and objectives.
  • Document contents – clearly outlining what the method statement will contain.
  • Hazards and safety procedures – identifying potential risks and outlining corresponding safety measures.
  • Additional supporting documents – any supplementary materials necessary for comprehensive guidance. 

Let’s go into them in a bit more detail.

Writing the construction project scope

First, you’ll need to define the scope of the project – outline the project’s purpose, goals, timelines and limitations. This way, everyone will understand what needs to be achieved and how they can help achieve it.

Construction method statement details

Your document should include project or task information that someone could take in at a glance. You should outline…

  • Project name or task name
  • The reference number of your document
  • Your name plus anyone else involved in creating the method statement
  • The name of the contractor
  • The industry or discipline you’re dealing in – like construction!
  • The site address and site access
  • Work permits required
  • Project start and end dates
  • A brief one-line description of the project or next action needed
  • Whether or not the method statement has been accepted
  • An issue date

Hazards and safety procedures

There needs to be some detail on the proactive measures in place to mitigate risks and ensure the wellbeing of workers – and these need to be discussed in the method statement. This could take the form of a checklist and include the below points, and any more you think are necessary.

  • Process and specialisation area – this should be an outline of what the project involves, and how construction (your specialisation area) is relevant to your method statement and risk assessment.
  • The sequence of work – detail steps each employee will take to complete the process. This might be a bit long, so you could include this in a separate document.
  • Supervisory arrangements and monitoring arrangements – how does each supervisor contribute to doing the job safely? Include safety contacts and describe their responsibilities in your emergency procedures.
  • Schedule of plant – identify any dangerous equipment and come up with a plan with detailed control measures.
  • Reference to occupational health standards – take a look at your standard operating procedures in relation to Health & Safety concerns. This could be exposure to chemicals or emissions, loud noise, stress or fatigue.
  • First aid procedures – this is a really important part of all method statements. First aid procedures should detail the Health & Safety contacts onsite and make sure the team stay safe.
  • Personal protective equipment required – you should list each team member and the PPE they need to carry out their tasks safely.
  • Emergency procedures – describe any control measures if there’s an emergency.

Method statements for construction with HS Direct

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