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PCJ Services Client Story

Who they are

PCJ Services provide specialist property maintenance and repairs across the UK.

After bringing HS Direct on board for risk assessment and method statement support, PCJ Services quickly realised the other ways HS Direct could help, and how their future could look with our support.

PCJ Services’ pain points

Once upon a time, PCJ Services used a mixture of documents from previous employments and had no central database. This combined with working from spreadsheets just wasn’t working, and as the business increased in turnover and staff it became clear that a more harmonised approach was needed.

Steve Risley, Managing Director at PCJ Services, commented:

“As soon as I had the demonstration I knew HS Direct was for us. The first impression was great, from initially seeing the service on LinkedIn, the user-friendly and clear display to the engagement of Dave and the team.”

“An integral part of our operations”

The way the system allows proactive contractor compliance is key for Steve and his team. All the contractors they bring on board, whether big or small, are able to engage the system and it helps keep the team on top of their approvals and other checks.

Steve’s expectations were exceeded by HS Direct – while initially adopted for risk assessment and method statement management, he’s built trust in the HS Direct systems and team over the years and now uses it for all HR, training and contractor compliance.

“It’s an integral part of our operations” Steve added.

“What an amazing ambassador for the company”

Steve’s special shoutout goes to Dave at HS Direct – his standout approach to engagement has been faultless. The team at HS Direct are true experts and always on hand to have their brains picked about what can and can’t be done. Steve also recently hired a HSEQ (Health, Safety Environment and Quality) manager, who needed to understand and manage the system quickly, and HS Direct proved to be instrumental in this process.

A harmonised approach to Health & Safety and general compliance has allowed PCJ Services to engage larger clients, who have confidence in their robust systems. In turn, this has allowed the company to grow and look ahead to the future.

Stamp of approval

When asked if he would recommend HS Direct, Steve said: “I would recommend anything that works to my peers – and HS Direct definitely works. It allows holistic information gathering and proactive management at a reasonable cost.

“If you take HS Direct on board, take advantage of the training team and use the inductions. Taking on any new system can be daunting, but this was extremely easy and continues to be. The team are always on hand to answer questions.”