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Toolbox Talks

Beauty & Aesthetics Toolbox Talks

Specifically for the beauty and aesthetics industries, Toolbox Talks written by Health and Safety experts to support your business in being legally compliant.

With our package of toolbox talks, you get a number of well-formed notes, questions and information to help guide you through a 15-minute toolbox talk about your chosen subject. You also get a toolbox talk attendance sign-in sheet to enable you to keep a permanent assigned record of attendees.

Included in this package are toolbox talks for the following subjects:

  • Cash handling
  • Disposal of sharps and clinical waste
  • Fire safety
  • CQC inspection: what to expect
  • How to store chemicals and products
  • What if treatments go wrong
  • Personal safety
  • Safeguarding essentials
  • Sanitising workstations
  • Essential oil use
  • Essential oil storage tips and maximising shelf-life
  • Use of infrared system
  • Use of laser equipment
  • Use of sharps in the beauty industry
  • Use of solvent based substances
  • Use of vibrating equipment
  • Using spray equipment (tanning)
  • Waste disposal
  • Working at events

Each set of toolbox talks comes in its own separate word document (19 in total) in a zip file. This allows you to simply print one at a time and make your own additions or notes as required.