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Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Management – Full Document Package

The EL Direct Disciplinary Management Package contains all the documents you need to ensure that conduct issues are dealt with in accordance with the ACAS Code of Practice and, where necessary, the principles of fair dismissal.

The package contains a detailed Disciplinary Policy, which sets out the process to be followed when taking formal disciplinary action against an employee. This is supplemented by the Company Rules, which gives guidance on what standards of conduct is expected of employees. These documents may be edited to fit the exact requirements of the company.

The Disciplinary Management Package also contains an extensive selection of template letters for use at the various stages of the disciplinary process; from invitations to disciplinary hearings, to confirming the outcome of an email. We also include useful forms for making notes of hearings and interviews, which have introductory statements to ensure the hearing is carried out in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

The EL Disciplinary Management Package contains the following documents:

  • Appeal Hearing Record
  • Company Rules
  • Critical Conversation Note
  • Disciplinary Hearing Record
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Letter – Acknowledgment of Appeal
  • Letter – Commencement of Investigation
  • Letter – Confirmation of Dismissal with Notice
  • Letter – Confirmation of Final Written Warning
  • Letter – Confirmation of First Written Warning
  • Letter – Confirmation of Summary Dismissal
  • Letter – Confirmation of Verbal Warning
  • Letter – Invitation to Appeal Hearing
  • Letter – Invitation to Disciplinary Hearing
  • Letter – Invitation to Investigation Hearing
  • Letter – Notification of Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Letter – Outcome of Appeal Hearing
  • Letter – Outcome of Disciplinary Hearing
  • Meeting Notes – Additional Page
  • Template Investigation Report
  • Witness Interview Record
  • Witness Statement