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Cheat sheet: why do you need a training matrix?

Employee training is a great way to boost recruitment, retention and engagement, as well as futureproof your business. But tracking...

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Toolbox Talk – Cosmetic Procedures: Non-Surgical Legislation

The UK government has announced its intention to introduce special licensing requirements for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, otherwise known as aesthetic...

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Cosmetics and Aesthetics Health & Safety Cheat Sheet

Although there are lots of different options within the industry (be those cosmetic procedures, holistic treatments, hair care or nail...

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Holistic Therapies Health & Safety Cheat Sheet

Download your holistic therapies Health & Safety Cheat Sheet!

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Hair, Nails and Beauty Health & Safety Cheat Sheet

Download our Hair, Nails and Beauty Health & Safety Cheat Sheet.

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Winter Working: Cheat Sheet

Winter is an especially challenging time for employers from a Health & Safety perspective, for a number of reasons. These...

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