Toolbox Talk – Cosmetic Procedures: Non-Surgical Legislation

The UK government has announced its intention to introduce special licensing requirements for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, otherwise known as aesthetic procedures. In other words, there’s likely to be stricter rules surrounding some cosmetic procedures, including Botox and fillers.

Through the Health and Care Act (2022), the Health Secretary now has the power to introduce legislation requiring a licence for such procedures in England. In July 2022, Scotland pledged to follow suit.

The exact details of the regulations will only be decided after a public consultation, but we do know that it will involve banning cosmetic procedures on anyone under 18.

Within this free toolbox talk, we cover the must-knows for beauty business owners and how to engage your employees, including:

  • What does the law say about non-surgical cosmetic (aesthetic) procedures?
  • What does the future look like for aesthetic practitioners?
  • What insurance will practitioners need to have?
  • What inspections can practitioners expect?
  • What if a practitioner is also a registered healthcare professional?
  • How can a practitioner obtain a licence?
  • Useful information and links

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