Employment Contracts Review and Drafting Service


An experienced and qualified Employment Law Consultant will review your
existing employment contracts in terms of legal compliance and business
protection, providing a detailed report and checklist on action points
and suggested amendments and additions.


To ensure that your employment contracts remain both legally compliant and
effective in protecting your business and managing employee relations it is
essential to have them reviewed from time to time.

In addition, employers are required by law to provide written confirmation of any
changes to the fundamental terms of employment and a review is an ideal
way of ensuring all changes have been covered.

An experienced and qualified Employment Law Consultant will review your existing employment contracts.

EL Direct Employment Law Consultants are all experienced in employment law and
contractual issues and hold legal qualifications including LLB degrees
in law and the Legal Practice Post-Graduate diploma.

We will carry out a detailed review of your existing employment contracts, looking in particular at:

  • Compliance with current employment law regulation
  • Compatibility with proposed regulatory developments
  • How effectively the contract will assist the business in the event of an employee relations dispute
  • Whether or not the contract protects the business in the event of negligent or wrongful conduct by the employee
  • Does the contract form the basis for effective HR management?

On completion of the review we will provide a written report detailing:

  • If and where the contract is legally defective
  • What action needs to be taken to remedy the defects
  • What amendments and additions we would suggest the business considers in respect of both new and existing employees
  • Other suggested actions including implementation of employee handbook policies and procedures


  • £150 plus VAT to review your normal employment contract (or two versions of the contract and then £25 plus VAT for each additional version of the contract)
  • £250 plus VAT to carry out the review and put into place the suggested amendments and revisions
  • £250 plus VAT to draft a bespoke template employment contract based on the information based on your organisational requirements

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