Farming & Agriculture

Farming and agriculture are still among the most dangerous industries to work in, yet many of the fatalities and serious injuries that occur each year could be avoided.

Don’t go hay-tin on health and safety… we can make it easy!

You have so many other jobs to be doing however, we all know that health and safety has to be dealt with. Good farmers and employers can identify the benefits of reducing incidents and ill health among their workers, and are aware of the financial and other reasons to aim for and maintain good standards of health and safety.

At HS Direct we understand the importance of creating a farm safety system that is designed specifically to your business. Working with you and your employees, our aim is to build confidence and safety within the workplace.

Is your health and safety stuck in the mud?

As farmers and growers, you use systems that allow you to make sure that crops and animals are kept healthy and productive, and to enable you to stay in business. You plan what to plant and when, assess the risks of diseases and other incidents that may spoil the crop or animal. You also work out how successful you have been and come up with improvements.

Managing health and safety doesn’t have to be any different – you need to manage it to make sure that you, your workers, family members and others are kept safe at work. This advice is aimed at directors and managers but should also help supervisors and owners of small businesses.

By being on the same team, we will be able to help with issues you may come across. You don’t work 9-5, so neither do we. Our team of professionals are available 7 days a week to keep everything running smoothly.

Be top of the crops by using our services…

Our online management system will assist you in creating all of your health and safety documentation in minutes. From veterinary specific risk assessments to an employee training management application, our system has you covered.

We can offer our Safety First Package as a premium service which includes an equipment register and a self-audit application, allowing you to go that extra mile for your health and safety.

Time to get out of the mud…

Don’t waste any more time, get our Safety First Pack and make us part of your team.

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