Vet Surgery

Got a flea in your ear about health and safety? let’s get it up to scratch!

You’re passionate about animals; we’re passionate about health and safety … Let’s work together

We know health and safety can be hot under the collar …

…Especially when you have so many other jobs to be doing, let alone running a thriving veterinary practice. However, we all know that health and safety has to be dealt with.

At HS Direct our main aim is to make health and safety as easy as possible so you have more time to focus on your patients and clients, allowing you to do the job you love.

We get that …

Through working with Vet Dynamics we have developed knowledge about the veterinary sector and know exactly how much of a task managing health and safety is for you.

By being on the same team, we will be able to help with issues you may come across. You don’t work 9 –5, so neither do we. Our team of professionals are available 7 days a week to keep everything running smoothly.

Let us take the lead …

Our online management system will assist you in creating all of your health and safety documentation in minutes. From veterinary specific risk assessments to an employee training management application, our system has you covered.

We can offer our Safety First Package as a premium service which includes an equipment register and a self-audit application, allowing you to go that extra mile for your health and safety.

Give us the reins …

Get spot-on and get our Safety First Pack to make us part of your team.

Call our Bury office today on getTelephone() ?> for a FREE online demonstration.

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