On-Demand Webinar: Managing Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse – must-knows for employers.

For: Business Owners and Directors in all sectors

The misuse of drugs, alcohol and substances in the workplace can be a serious problem for an employer, particularly in industries such as construction and trades. But have you considered how employees may be driven to substance abuse to cope with work-related stress?

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to keep the health and well-being of your employees at the top of your priorities.

Watch our on-demand webinar with HS Direct’s Director of Employment Law, Guy Woodcock, and Head of Health & Safety, Lee Mockridge.

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Here’s a reminder of what the webinar covers:

  • Practical Health & Safety considerations and guidance surrounding drugs, alcohol and substance
  • The effects of using recreational and prescribed drugs in the workplace
  • Statistics on how certain industries are affected
  • HR implications of testing including different types of testing
  • Gross misconduct or alternative sanctions in the event of a positive test
  • Support for employees struggling with addiction 

This webinar was delivered on 24 August and all guidance was accurate at the point of delivery. For our latest updates, please take a look at our wider website.

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