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Environmental Policies

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

Take steps towards a greener future with our customisable Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) template. Designed to accommodate diverse industry needs, you can also get  FREE telephone support for all document-related enquiries. You can download your document right away by filling in the form on this page.

What is an Environment Management Plan for construction?

An Environment Management Plan (EMP) for construction is a vital framework outlining project structures, roles, and responsibilities for managing and reporting on environmental impacts during the construction phase, following commitments outlined in an Environmental Statement. Through site-specific assessments, the EMP identifies potential risks and proposes control measures to address them. 

What is a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)?

Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) are documents developers submit to local councils after receiving planning permission. These plans detail how construction processes will be managed to mitigate negative ecological impacts in the surrounding area, aligning with regulatory requirements. 

By implementing sustainable practices such as waste management, erosion control, and habitat preservation, the CEMP promotes responsible construction to help safeguard the environment while enhancing project efficiency and reputation.

When is a CEMP required?

A Construction Environmental Management Plan  (CEMP) is more likely required for major developments. This term typically includes residential projects made up of 10 or more dwellings, commercial developments with 1,000 sq m or more floorspace, or any site exceeding 0.5 hectares in size. 

However, other types of development also fall under this classification. The extent of detail in a CEMP corresponds to the project’s scale and associated risks. The CEMP must articulate how the required level of detail has been assessed and determined.

When do I need a CEMP template?

CEMP templates are best used in large projects, but they’re still a great basis for small projects as well. A CEMP document can help you get planning permission from the local planning authority to proceed with your project. It should be submitted by a developer to show how you’ll handle any environmental aspects such as waste management, protecting cultural sites and dealing with plants and flora. 

Other specific instances when a CEMP template may be required include: 

  • Construction projects necessitating an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or screening opinion as per schedules 1 and 2 of the Land Planning and Development (Environmental Impact Assessment) Ordinance 2007
  • Notable industrial facilities, such as those housing manufacturing processes
  • Extensive residential and commercial development projects, such as housing developments comprising 20 or more units, or office developments exceeding 1,000 square metres

Our Construction Environmental Management Plan template

Our Construction Environmental Management Plan template simplifies the implementation of environmentally friendly practices throughout every phase of your construction project. 

To complete, simply fill in according to your circumstances.

What’s included in this Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)?

Our Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) encompasses several essential elements:

  • Description of works 
  • Contractor details 
  • Environmental policy 
  • Site-specific environmental issues
  • Erosion and sediment control 
  • Water quality 
  • Air quality 
  • Noise Hazardous substances 
  • Contaminated soil 
  • Acid sulphate soil 
  • Waste management 
  • Flora and fauna 
  • Cultural heritage

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