Termination of Employment – Short Service

We know termination of employment can be a difficult task for employers. It can feel overwhelming when making sure to include everything in a termination of employment letter, especially when it’s for an employee who has completed a short service with the business (less than 2 years).

Employers are legally allowed to terminate an employee’s contract within their first 2 years without reason for dismissal. This could be due to a capability issue or simply just not being the right fit for your company. After 2 years of service, employers are required to provide the employee with one of five fair reasons as set out under the Employment Rights Act 1996, otherwise, you risk exposing yourself to an unfair dismissal claim.

To make sure you follow the termination process correctly and avoid any unfair dismissal claims, our HR experts have put together a FREE termination letter template which includes everything you’re required to cover.

To download your FREE template, simply fill out your details in the form opposite.

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